Tips for Tuesday 3/26/13

Tips for Tuesday | Zim on a Whim

I have a few tips to share with you and they all involve clear nail polish! Clear nail polish has so many uses beyond your nails. We all know about how it can stop a run in your pantyhose, but here are a few of them that maybe you didn’t know:


For cans of shaving cream that are not specially coated, paint the bottom of the can to prevent rust rings in your shower.

Clear nail polish to prevent rust stains

To keep button threads from unraveling and potentially losing buttons, just dab a little clear nail polish on the threads.

Clear nail polish to prevent unraveling buttons

This also works with shoelaces that are starting to unravel. Just dip them in the polish, twist together, and let dry overnight.

If you have a tiny hole in your window screen, just dab a little on the hole to keep bugs from getting in.

Dab some on your costume jewelry to keep it from tarnishing. If you have a pin, pendant, or ring with lots of little stones, coat the jewelry piece to keep the stones from falling out.

If you want to make a printed label smudge-proof (like a prescription or an address label), paint over the label and let dry.

Use it temporarily on a car windshield if you get a nick or small crack in it. Paint the nick on both sides and let dry until you can find a reasonable repair shop.

I’ve heard it can get rid of warts, but I’m not sure if that actually works. Can’t hurt to try!

Do you have any more uses for clear nail polish that were not mentioned here? Feel free to add them in the comments section!


10 thoughts on “Tips for Tuesday 3/26/13

  1. Great tips – I especially like the shaving cream can idea. I currently use a plasticware top to set it in, but that gets mildew on it. So I’m gonna try the nailpoilish. Thank you! =)

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